Midbrain Activation

What is Midbrain?

    In This Course Student Learns ,
  • Midbrain Activation Program - Mid brain is between left and right hemisphere of brain, it is functioning as a bridge between the analytical and creative thinking, it is also a key to open the subconscious. If midbrain can be inspired, it can balance each other left and right brain, communication inside and outside, high-quality guide to the logical left brain and creativity right brain.

Skill Development

    In This Course Student Learns ,
  • This vital region is responsible for controlling all of the responses related to sensory information and regulating the body's actions to those responses. For example, if the hand experiences a sharp pain, the midbrain tells the brain that the hand needs to pull back.Benefits of Mid-Brain Activation

Benefits of the course – which has all benefits of meditation

  • Increasing concentration, understanding, memory and delivery – which helps to improve school results
  • Increasing reading and writing speed
  • Extracurricular activities – sports, dance, etc..
  • Behavior changes

Course Module

  • Proof of this course – blindfold activities – life time.
  • Duration of this course – 3 months (12 classes).
  • Total class hours per week 3 hours.
  • Daily practice – 15 minutes regularly – 3 months compulsory but we recommend life time because you can get the yoga benefits life time.
  • Age eligibility – 6 to 16 years