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Vedic Mathematics Online Courses

Vedic Maths is just a magic maths. You can Quickly derive the answers using the short cut method as per Vedic denotes. V.M develops mathematics ability. V.M methodology makes one to calculate fast and accurate, and can calculate very easily. One use this method for calculation from Algebra to Calculus . It also helps to increase Concentration and memory power. It's a mind calculation method using Word formulae or sutras.

Vedic Mathematics

    Do you want to improve your maths skill?
  • Do you like to do maths very fast?
  • Is it possible to give the answer for the sums like 996 x 1012 within a faction of time without using any calculating device?

Online Class Details

    In this course student learns ,
  • First time, over net one can learn Handwriting Courses.
  • No need to go out and searchout the centres.
  • Enrol any time and from anywhere.
  • Very easy to access.
  • Very easy to join in the courses.
  • Very nominal cost.

Online Vedic Mathematics

    Vision Academic Centre,
  • Number of Vedic Maths Levels : Totally Four Levels
  • Duration : maximum 4 months per Level
  • Online class: Weekly two hours as per your convenient..
  • Assessment : After completing each lesson and each level
  • Certificate : After completing each Level
  • Class schedule : Lesson explanation and teaching, Dictations for speed , Dictations for Listening, Assessment, doubts clearance.
  • You can clear your doubts through online.